After Adult with Siri Dahl

About Ron Jeremy.

July 07, 2020 After Adult Episode 25
After Adult with Siri Dahl
About Ron Jeremy.
Show Notes

TW/CW: This episode contains graphic discussion of sexual assault and rape. 

Ron Jeremy has been charged with sexually assaulting four women and he’s currently being held in an LA county jail on $6.6 million bail. In this special minisode we are discussing the charges against Ron Jeremy, and how the adult and mainstream entertainment industries have enabled his abusive behavior for decades. 

Resources for this episode:


2017 investigative Rolling Stone article about Ron Jeremy:

July 1 article about Charity Hawke’s allegations:

Fiona Apple discussing her album “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”:

Listen to “For Her” by Fiona Apple:

Kat Blaque’s Ron Jeremy story:

AMC’s aborted interview with Ron Jeremy:

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